If you need an Attorney in Sandusky Ohio for help with filing bankruptcy, call Amy Logan today. She will make an appointment to go over what your options are and help you decide on the right form of bankruptcy for you. Whether it be chapter 7, chapter 13, etc. Amy has been helping people in Sandusky Ohio file bankruptcy as an attorney for over 20 years.

You don’t want to trust just anyone with your bankruptcy. An attorney with decades of experience and make sure that you get the complete and total fresh start that you are expecting when your bankruptcy is discharged. Sandusky Ohio is a good size town with good people and you want someone who is familiar with the courts in Sandusky and knows there way around. Amy Logan is that attorney.

Lawyers will tell you all kinds of things to make you feel like you need to sign up with them and no one else. Amy is an upfront and honest attorney and will tell you what is best for you and your family. Give her a call today in Sandusky Ohio and let her be your bankruptcy attorney.